May 29, 2024


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How to Succeed at a Hiring Event or Open Interview


Did an HR contact you to tell that you have landed an open interview at your favorite company? Excited much! But also nervous because you are not sure how to perform in it? Well, we are here to help you.

First, let’s explain what an open interview is:

It is a group-hiring event. In this event, the recruiters conduct on-site interviews of job applicants in both group & individual format. A group hiring event or open interview provides you with an opportunity to meet the employers’ face-to-face. Also, in such an interview, you can get the job on-spot.

To make sure you succeed in open-interview, make sure you follow these tips:

1.      Carefully read the information regarding the open interview.

Read the description of the open-interview event that a recruiter sends to the applicants has a lot of details and clues, which tells the aspirant what to expect. For example, it tells the applicant whether the employer plans to offer a job on-spot or not.

It will most certainly include details about what certification you need to bring in, what is the physical and educational requirements, and so on.


2.      Google the company

You must stand out in the crowd of job applicants that are invited for open-interview. To do that, one you have to have a great resume (more about that later) and next you should research the company.

It will help you understand their goals, mission and values and how it operates. Read testimonials and reviews from past and current employees to know what it is like to work there.

Also, reach the event a little before the starting time and see how people work there. All these little insights can help you perform better in the interview.

3.      Update the resume to match the job description

Don’t send a generic resume to every company. All brands have different positions and requirements for hiring a candidate, make sure that your resume highlights the skills you have that suit that job position.

  • Make sure the resume highlights your skills and achievements and emphasizes why you are the perfect candidate for the job.
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  • Also, proof-read your resume to ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes. You can also get creative with your resume if your field is creative.
  • To make a professional yet appealing resume, use Canva resume builder.
  • Tip: Carry at least five copies of your resume and your photos in a folder with all your other certifications.

4.      Dress formally and smartly

It is important to dress smartly, when you look the part, people take you more seriously. Check the email that the recruiter sent you for any information about what to wear in an interview. If not, research the company for their dress code. If nothing provides you with an answer, make sure you dress formally.

5.      Etiquettes matters

Behavior and etiquettes matters and if you should treat everyone with respect no matter whether you are stepping out for an interview or not. But be special wary when going for the interview. Be polite with everyone, and don’t get into unnecessary arguments that may make you late or spoil your mood.

When you reach the premises of the office, greet everyone with politeness and respect. Treat fellow job applicants well as all these people can be asked to give feedback on you.

6.      Practice your interview answers

In an open-interview, the time allotted to each candidate to talk about them is short. So, prepare a brief account of who you are, what you can do and what skills you have that the company will benefit from. Don’t make it longer than a minute.

So, be ready for group discussion; practice with your friends and family. Take some relevant topic and discuss them so that you know, if you are lacking any skills like convincing people of your opinion without fighting them.

Also, you can search for interview questions that recruiter may ask and practice your answers.

7.      Don’t expect privacy and you will have to wait

An open interview is open to a lot of people, so the person who comes first will get an interview first. So, you will have to wait a lot. Also, don’t expect the interview to be one-on-one. Initially, it can be a group interview.

Follow these tips, and also when the interview ends, take their business card and email them thanking them for their time. It will make you stand out in their memory, and also you have a way to follow-up after the interview.