May 24, 2024


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Landscaping Ideas for Your Yard and Pool Area


A pool is a great centerpiece for your home and property, but, on its own, it’s no more than a hole in the ground with water in it. That is why many homeowners who have a pool also consider doing a bit of landscaping to make that area of their property really pop. With just a few plants, well-placed lighting and a nice deck area, your pool and yard will not only become a place of respite after a long day but a marvel of modern architectural design.

If you’re looking to spruce up your yard and pool areas, here are a few ideas on how to do it, and what lines of thought to follow.


One of the first things many pool owners do is look for appropriate lighting to add to their pool and yard. With proper lighting, you can set any kind of mood and invoke any atmosphere, from festive, to tropical, to relaxing, to formal. Not only that but, with proper lighting, your pool and yard will become places you can use 24/7, whether it’s for dinner parties, hanging out with friends or midnight dips.

As for the specifics, there are many types of lighting you can pick and choose from. One of the most elegant solutions is simple overhead lighting, such as simple Christmas lights hung from the trees in your yard, or the top of a pergola if you’ve got one, or wrapped around its pillars. They’re often very energy-efficient, cost almost nothing to install, and set a very soothing atmosphere.


When it comes to the pool itself, most people employ underwater LED lights. Like the overhead lighting, LED lights are low-maintenance and energy-efficient, but very stylish and quite suave to have in your pool. One of the best things is that these lights come in many colors, and can even be set to change colors intermittently, making them very adaptable to any kind of look or vibe you’re going for.

Finally, you can add a regular old firepl ace next to your pool. Pool designs and landscaping experts

love this little detail, as it adds a certain rustic feeling and a bit of character to your pool. Alternatively, tiki torches are a great way to introduce a tropical vibe to your yard and pool area.


If you’re worried about your neighbors’ prying eyes, or you’d simply want to stop a stray animal wandering into your yard, you should definitely consider putting up a fence. Fences can be wood, aluminum or PVC – however, the type of material and fence will also depend on your pool. Depending on if you’ve got a saltwater pool, or use chlorine in the water, you’ll have to go with more corrosive-resistant materials, as saltwater can damage metal fences very easily, and so can chlorine.

Alternatively, using evergreens as privacy screens and hedges is an excellent idea for a fence. This is very common, as these evergreens are readily available, stylish and serve not only to give you privacy but are also thick enough to act as a barrier, keeping leaves, mulch or other debris from getting blown into your yard and your pool. The downside, however, is that hedges and trees will require a little more attention and maintenance, including watering and pruning, and will take some time to grow to its intended size. 


Speaking of plants, adding a few around the yard and the pool is a great way of introducing some soothing, natural tones around your yard. There are many ways you can approach plant life in your yard, but, whatever you choose, be sure to pick the plants that naturally thrive in your area. Choosing such plants will add a natural feel to your yard and pool area, and it will make maintenance much easier. 

As for the plants themselves, many people usually opt for potted plant combinations, as they’re the most colorful and the easiest to maintain. Combined with some interesting containers, potted plants can really make your yard into a vibrant, colorful garden, and can show off your creative side. Consider using old tires, freshly painted, as containers for your plants, and combine them with some earth-colored terracotta pots for added versatility and contrast.


One of the classiest ways of sprucing up your yard is by adding walkways. Simple paved or stone slab walkways are really what bring all areas of your yard together. Consider connecting points of interest in your yard, like your lounge area and your pool, like this, and your yard will suddenly feel much more like a single unit comprised of many interloping parts, instead of just a few separate areas with different styles.

However, be watchful when choosing the material for your walkway. If you’ve got one leading to a pool, try and choose non-slip materials, as simple stone without any kind of coating can become very hazardous when wet, and you and your family might end up hurting yourselves just trying to enjoy your yard.


And that’s about it for our little article on how to dress up your yard and pool area. There are many other ways you can stylize your yard, so feel free to explore additional options. With that being said, the ones we listed are the simplest, and often, most affordable ways you can do it, so be sure to check them out first.