February 25, 2024


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The complete guide to wedding invitations


There are a lot of details and things that you have to take care of when you are trying to plan a wedding. Before you start making preparations, first you have to design, print and dispatch the invitation cards. Since the Wedding cards would basically be a first impression, you might want to take enough time to design and finalize the invitation cards.

You need to select the right paper material, color shades, design patterns, and the text. You also have to choose the right font type and size of the text that discloses the details regarding the date, time and location of the venue of the wedding. The selection might be as challenging as selecting the right wedding ring.

Preparing for the perfect invitation card can be quite stressful. So, here are some details that you must keep in mind.

Maintaining Invitation Timeline

The invitation has to be received by the targeted audience at least a few months prior to the wedding day. A huge benefit of completing this early is to ensure that all the invited guests know the date, time and location of the venue. With the help of RSVP (elaborated below), you can know how many guests are coming and how many are not and prepare and finalize everything in time, saving you from the last moment stress.


What is RSVP?

RSVP” is a French expression which means “please respond.” With the mention of RSVP on the invitation card, it is a request made by the sender to respond back if that receiver will be attending the wedding or not.

Ingredients to be included in wedding invitation cards

To keep all the details about the wedding labeled, you will have to ensure all the necessary details are mentioned clearly and avoid using unnecessary details and illegible calligraphy. Some of the necessary details may be included as.

  • Short opening statement
  • Date, Time and Contact Information: First foremost and obvious, the date, time and contact details should be mentioned.
  • Advertisement
  • Venue: The place where the wedding is planned to be held should also be mentioned.
  • From and TO: Have it clearly mentioned the name of guest that you sent the invite to.
  • Wedding start and ending Time: The guests should be made aware of the arrival time and the time reception will reach its end.
  • Accommodations: Arrange and book the targeted hotels in blocks.
  • RSVP duration: It is advisable that you give ample amount of time to your guests so that they reply back and the necessary changes can be taken care of in time.

Designing the invitation cards

Creating & designing the quality of invitation cards can be quite a nudge few short details should help in giving you a head start.

Selection of invitation card’s size:

The size of the invitation card must be adequate enough to admit in all the necessary details in a legible font size and style. Most commonly preferred size is 182 mm x 117 mm or (A5). To include the standard RSVP card which is 107mm x 139mm, it would be best to make it slightly smaller so that it fits in the final envelope perfectly.

Choosing the appropriate orientation:

Invitation cards for wedding are either landscape or portrait. Mostly they happen to be portrait because of the quantity of short sentenced information. Meanwhile RSVP is finalized in the landscape format.

Designing of the layout:

Invitation cards are mostly done from either of the two ways, folded or flat card with some inserts. Folded might be expensive but are much more beneficial as they have better visibility.

Few other tips for design could include:

  • Import the colors/shades and patterns in a manner that show a trailer of how it will be done.
  • Ensure that the theme the font style and size are in contrast with the background.
  • Simplicity is with its decency for text background.

Dispatching of Invitation envelopes

Now that you have taken care of everything, there is still one last thing that can ruin everything accomplished if failed in taken care of, that is these invites have to reach the right destination in time? This takes everything at a critical point as a lot of problems can arise like very delayed deliveries or wrong address deliveries and should be dealt with before hand.

Choose the right courier service and have their confirmation on expected delivery dates.