March 2, 2024


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Turning Sketches into Photographs with CapCut

Turning Sketches into Photographs with CapCut

Have you ever imagined your sketches coming alive as lifelike photographs? This incredible feat, which was almost considered an impossible situation, is now possible with the power of AI image style transfer by using the creative features of CapCut online.

CapCut’s innovative online web version takes a step further and makes image sketching change to real pictures. How cool is that!

It is impressive that the hand-drawn sketches can come to life-like pictures. It is a cool way to make use of any artist’s creative instincts and create original photos. Artists can now see their sketches become productive through CapCut. You can modify the photo by using an online photo editor, and the regenerated images can be turned into sketches to the look-alike of normal human beings.

What is AI Image Style Transfer?

AI image style transfer is a revolutionary technology that uses deep learning to transfer the style of one image onto another. This means you can take your simple sketch and transform it into a stunning photograph. Image style transfer completes the image with realistic textures and lighting. It also creates depth to the images to make them original photos.


How CapCut Makes AI Image Style Transfer Accessible

CapCut’s user-friendly interface makes AI image style transfer accessible to everyone. It is regardless of any technical expertise, you just need to input a sketch in the online CapCut web version and there you get the desired result in the form of an original picture. Here’s how it works.

Upload Your Sketch

Start by uploading your sketch image to CapCut. Ensure the sketch is clear, with well-defined lines. The sketched image you have uploaded must have defined shapes for optimal results.

Choose Your Desired Style

CapCut offers a diverse library of pre-trained style models. Each is capable of transforming your sketch into a unique photorealistic representation. You can choose from styles like:


 Any hand-drawn natural Lush landscapes or serene waterscapes can become the best image to change into real images.


Students of art who have their pencils or brushstrokes can upload their images to CapCut’s online version and get realistic images. They can choose any of their oil paintings as a source to convert to realistic images.



 If you have a collection of geometric patterns or color swirls, you can change them to original pictures.


You can convert Vintage photos or comic book illustrations into real images by using CapCut online.

Let the AI Work Its Magic

Turning Sketches into Photographs with CapCut

Once you have selected your desired style, CapCut’s AI algorithm will process to analyze your sketch. Eventually, it will apply the chosen style seamlessly. This process typically takes a few seconds, depending on the complexity of the chosen style.

Preview and Download

Once CapCut completes its processing, you can preview your transformed image. CapCut allows you to adjust the intensity of the style transfer for further personalization. If you are happy with the results, you can download the final image to your device.

Beyond Simple Style Transfer

The online version of CapCut image style transfer goes beyond the simple style imitation. It allows you to control the artistic direction of your final image. Here are some advanced features.

Style blending

You can blend two or more styles to create unique and artistic effects in your uploaded sketch.

Parameter editing

Adjust various parameters like brushstroke thickness or color palette to do the CapCut’s magic to the image correctly. You can later tune up the intensity of the image to get a final image.

Background customization

Replace the automatically generated background with your image for a more personalized touch. You can remove the background and get a transparent background through the CapCut online web version.

CapCut’s AI Image Style Transfer: Unleashing Your Creativity

CapCut’s online web portal image style transfer opens up a world of creative possibilities. Here are some ways you can use this powerful tool.

Bring your sketches to life

Transform your hand-drawn ideas into realistic illustrations or even concept art.

Create unique artwork

You can generate abstract patterns and explore artistic styles by using CapCut. You can even push the boundaries of your imagination to work for a better version of your image.

Add visual interest to your photos

 Enhance your photos with artistic effects/textures and styles to bring the sketches to life-like pictures.

Create engaging social media content

You can easily stand out from the crowd with eye-catching visuals that capture attention by using the sketches of the images to transform them into real images.

The Future of AI Image Style Transfer

CapCut has a powerful technology to make image style transfer possible. By using unlimited tools available on the online version of CapCut, you can continue to explore the online photo editor. With each technology that you have in hand in the form of CapCut, you can manipulate images in numerous ways to generate unimaginable images.


It is the right time to start exploring the world of AI image style transfer with CapCut online today. It’s a free and easy way to transform your sketches into breathtaking photographs. By using the creativity of your images, you can discover the limitless potential of AI-powered image editing by using the online version of CapCut.