April 16, 2024


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What is IELTS and How will it help in UK Visa Immigration Services?


Globalization is the new mantra of talent acquisition. Every year, people from other countries arrive in the United Kingdom legally for employment and study.

English is the native language in the UK. So, to work or study and stay in the country, immigrants need to have an acceptable level of communication and comprehension skills in English. In order to qualify for living and working in the UK, foreigners are required to perform satisfactorily in connection with IELTS.

What is IELTS? What is the best way to get IELTS help in UK visa immigration services? Does it help UK visa immigration services in any way? You will find answers to these questions in the subsequent sections of this article.

What is IELTS?

IELTS is the acronym for the International English Language Testing System. It is an assessment at the global level which serves as the benchmark for one’s proficiency in English.

Established in 1989, it provides a fair idea about a non-native speaker’s communication skills in English before they apply to live and work in English speaking nations.

In some countries wherein English is the official language, taking this test is compulsory for non-native speakers. The United Kingdom is one such country.


The importance of IELTS for non-native speaks

Effective communication plays an important role in the social life of both native and non-native speakers alike.

Therefore, the immigration department in the English-speaking countries expects non-natives to possess all requisite skills in English before they apply to live and work in these countries.

The necessary skills in this regard include the ability to listen, read, write and speak English.

For applicants of UK visa, IELTS test grades can either make or break the deal for their visa application. UK Visas and Immigration department checks the tests of the candidates before making the final call on their visa application.

For students, IELTS academic results are an important aspect to determine what lies ahead in their academic career. Because the colleges and universities in the UK accept the IELTS academic results, students can avoid taking an IELTS for UKVI by submitting the grades in their IELTS examination.

As far as the requisite IELTS scores are concerned, they may range from C1 to A1. While some candidates need to obtain the former, others need to obtain the latter.  It depends on the type of visa an applicant want to apply for. The UK Visa and Immigration Services prefer candidates who put their best foot forward in these tests. As a matter of fact, it also accepts the visa application of those who obtain the least possible grades.


How IELTS helps UK visa immigration services

One can either apply for a Tier 1 or Tier 2 UK visa. IELTS test scores serve as the benchmark for both. The UK Visa and Immigration conducts a different set of IELTS assessments for various purposes. The kind of IELTS test a candidate should take depends on the purpose of applying for a UK visa.

In general, IELTS allows United Kingdom immigration services to assess the following aspects:

Academic: Anyone who wishes to study undergraduate or postgraduate courses in the UK needs to clear an IELTS Academic test for the approval of their visa application. The concerned officials use the score obtained by an applicant to determine if they have the requisite skills to study the course. This test can either be administered on a pen and paper or on a computer, albeit in some specific locations.

General Training: IELTS General Training is a standard assessment on English for those candidates who are desirous of studying or training for courses that are below degree level.

Life Skills: As far as life skills are concerned, there are three kinds of IELTS tests. These include IELTS Life Skills A1, IELTS Life Skills A2, and  IELTS Life Skills B1. The A1 version of the test is concerned with the visa application of an applicant who is a family member of a settled person in the UK. On the other hand, the A2 version of the visa is for the applicants of a partner or spouse visa. The B1 variant is for those who wish to acquire the citizenship of the UK.

All these tests constitute a mandatory component of UK visa application for the respective categories. An applicant must obtain the minimum IELTS grades for the approval of their visa application.

Final thoughts

IELTS tests have grabbed the attention of potential students and employees who wish to stay in the United Kingdom to make their dream academic or professional career a reality. It is a must for obtaining a UK visa. Because the UK Visa and Immigration Services keeps an eye on IELTS test scores, it is imperative that one prepares for it before taking the test.