June 5, 2023


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Your Guide to Planning a Vacation in Blackhawk

Planning a Vacation in Blackhawk

Black Hawk is located right next to Central City in Colorado. It is also adjacent to Clear Creek Canyon on the western side of Denver, making it an ideal little getaway full of nature and urban goodness. This place does not even have 100 residents to count, but the quaint charm of this place is unmatched.

It used to be a former mill town and mining hub, which today attracts thousands of visitors for its enriching history and landscapes. There are plenty of places to stay here as well, which is your comfort zone right in the middle of Colorado:


Activities and things to do:

Since it is a very small town, there isn’t much to do. Honestly, it is one of those cities where you can just connect to the locals and have a lot of fun. However, if you do like gambling, then the local casinos here are quite fun. Visit the Monarch Casino Resort, or explore the Mardi Gras Casino or simply head to Affinity Gaming to keep yourself amused.

Best places to eat:

There are plenty of dining options available in Blackhawk. Explore some campsite dining at Fireside Kitchen or simply enjoy a drink or two at Gold Bar. Even the food and drinks at Ameristar Blackhawk are quite popular. So, on your trip of 2-3 days, you can enjoy the lovely flavors of this city.

Additionally, you can enjoy the amazing steak at Timberline and also enjoy some authentic tea and coffee at Buffawhale Tea and Company.

Best time to visit:

As per us, the summer here is a complete treat for people who want to simply sit back and relax. The best months to visit span between June to August. The temperature during this time ranges from 61.7 degrees Fahrenheit to 90.9 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to visit Blackhawk:

The closest serving airport to this city is Denver International which is well connected to many different places. You can then drive into the city which is just 54 miles away. There are some intrastate buses too, but the connectivity is not as frequent. We recommend you to simply drive into the state and enjoy the lovely experience here.

This place is definitely an ideal option to add to your bucket list; especially if you like to explore offbeat destinations. You can club it with different options and book a stay at Ameristar Blackhawk for a comfortable and fun experience. This place does not require much of transport and you can simply explore the whole place on foot. The locals here are very warm and you’d surely find your time here to be really rejuvenating.