March 1, 2024


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4 Business Services That Will Help Your Company Grow

Business Services That Will Help Your Company Grow

As an entrepreneur, growing a business can be a challenging task that requires a lot of hard work and time investment. It can be difficult to focus on daily tasks while also dedicating enough time to grow your company. Instead of taking on everything by yourself, outsourcing essential business services can be a great solution.

By hiring professionals in different business areas to handle time-consuming tasks, you can free up your time and focus on other important aspects of your business.

This article shares four services that can help your business grow if hired from outside. It will show you how outsourcing the right tasks can help your business do better.

#1 Hire a Business Writer

As your company grows, you’ll need to produce more content to reach new and old customers, like

  • blog posts
  • social media updates
  • press releases
  • white paper
  • Emails
  • case studies or other written materials you require.

But business writing takes significant time and skill.

Instead of struggling to do all the writing yourself, hire a freelance business writer. Business writers can create various readable, engaging content tailored to your industry and current campaigns.


Most business writers technically act as ghostwriters. They craft quality content in the background for your company without directly promoting themselves. You can also hire business writers through dedicated platforms for ghostwriting services like It provides you with access to a wide range of writing talents.

Just provide direction on topics and themes, review drafts, then approve polished posts to publish under your name. You can focus on messaging and strategy while your ghostwriter will handle the writing workload.

#2 Leverage a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) is an excellent way to delegate administrative, technical, and organizational tasks so you can better prioritize high-level strategic work. VAs are independent contractors who provide remote support services as needed.

How exactly can you access reliable virtual assistant help?

  1. Start your search online through reputable VA staffing platforms. Browse candidate profiles and services offered until you find 3-5 VAs who match your industry and needs. For example, you may want an assistant well-versed in calendar management, travel booking, email triage, web research, and coordinating meetings. 
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  1. Carefully vet profiles, experience levels, specific skill sets, and client reviews before selecting.
  1. Clearly outline your expectations around response time, availability, communication preferences, and core responsibilities.

After you have hired a virtual assistant, start with a small, limited project to test compatibility. After this, you can increase the VA’s workload across recurring administrative support tasks that allow you to lead your company better.

#3 Work with a Business Development Consultant

Working with an experienced business development (BD) consultant can provide an invaluable outside perspective on expanding your company’s reach and revenues. A skilled BD consultant will analyze your current business model, offerings, and market landscape to craft data-driven strategies for acquisition and growth.

Specifically, the BD consultant will identify logical new customer segments ripe for conversion. They map proven frameworks for qualifying leads to sales.

Additionally, BD advisors help you find partnerships, channel sales, and licensing opportunities never before considered. They also continually find methods for upselling existing accounts.

The most effective way to leverage a business development consultant is through an initial 3-6 month engagement focused on actionable plans and measurable targets. For example, you may charge your consultant to sign three new enterprise clients in Q1 and increase deal sizes by 15% in Q2. The duration allows not just strategy formation but accountable implementation where you see tangible business growth results.

#4 Hire an Accounting Firm

As your business grows and complexity, properly managing finances internally can become highly challenging. From accounts receivable/payable to expense tracking, payroll, budget forecasting, tax compliance, and more — accounting headaches mount quickly.

Rather than risk mistakes, it is prudent to hire an experienced accounting firm once you reach a specific scale. Qualified accounting teams ensure accurate financial statements, reporting, and analysis, plus filing of payroll taxes and annual returns. This lifts significant burdens while reducing legal financial risks.

Here is how to select a capable accounting firm

  • Start by asking respected business contacts in your city for CPA firm referrals.
  • Research 4–5 options based on relevant experience and client reviews.
  • Interview finalists to gauge communication abilities, technological capabilities, and overall philosophy.

Finally, make your selection and initiate an engagement spanning essential accounting activities your team no longer wishes to handle.

Leveraging the seasoned financial professionals within an established accounting firm allows you to focus on core business priorities. You will have complete confidence that accounting issues receive expert ongoing attention. The precision, systems, and compliance oversight lead to smooth fiscal operations.


Delegating essential but non-core responsibilities to trusted outside experts allows entrepreneurs to focus on other priorities. Business writers, virtual assistants, consultants, accountants, and payroll providers collectively supply the specialized skills and bandwidth to transform an overstretched founder into an industry leader focused on their strengths. Invest in these fundamental capacities, so your company can gain the foundation and freedom necessary to achieve its full potential.