February 23, 2024


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5 Incredibly Useful Animation Tips for Small Businesses


Animation is pacing gradually positioning itself into the many different fields and industries. For digital marketers, animation has become a leading technique to boost brand recognition and to enhance overall online visibility. With animation, you can accelerate your brand’s revenue and can capture the attention of target audience efficiently. 

Now the question here is how is animation making such progress? What’s the secret behind such accelerating fame and productivity? Well, the real reason behind animation making such progress is appeal and creativity. To acquire prosperity for your video production company, you need to learn the top five techniques listed below:

1.    Create a Compelling Storyline

Having a story works whether you plan to create a logo or promotional video. People feel more inclined towards getting connected to stories and plots. Even if you are creating a product description video or an educational video to guide your customers about your company’s services, you must add an interesting story into the video. That story should first address the commonly faced issues and problems after that unleashing the full potential of your video.


It’s best to try making storyboard yourself. As the total animation budget is a way to and for small businesses, the best advice would be to invest smartly. You can draw and redraw till you meet the elevated standards. You have to strive to set the bar higher and to present work of unbeatable quality. You can seek inspiration from professionals as well and look closely into their manner of animating.

2.    Skillful Storyboard Process

Now the second most important step in making animation is storyboard making. You can get it a try yourself if you think you are good with artworks. The storyboard is the most important part of the animation, as your drawings will be converted into digitally created illustration, which will be later converted into animation. You have to create images, elements and characters as per your story.


3.    Illustration

Every animated video involves these few steps. If you can, then download some free tools from the internet and try making illustration all on your own. There will be tutorials available on the web with which you can easily transform your picture into a digitally created one. Remember that you can use tools for different purposes as well There is one tool called curve maker that helps users to make proper and fine curves. You have to divide your storyboard into different frames. Each frame will depict a shot of your story where the character will be performing a certain act.

4.    Animation

Animation involves the selection of background and setting the right time for the appearance of each frame. The colors are added into the background and elements are added like the supporting content and the voice-overs. There are tools for perfuming each task. You can get your hands on some professional software, which allows making any kind of animation from 2D to 3D, whiteboard animation to stop-motion files and every advance technique.

Furthermore, the one thing that is imperative when making animation is that it must be targeted to the potential customer’s persona. From colors to voice, feel to outlook things must be according to the preferences of your customers. Note the age group and likeness and then choose the foundation for your video. Your work must be synchronized with the needs of your people, as that will highlight your connectivity with them and professionalism.

5.    The Right Type of Animation

A number of animation categories are involved. If you are planning to make an explainer video to interact and instruct your viewers, you can try a huge range of categories starting from video scribing to whiteboard animation, corporate videos to whiteboard animation service. Similarly, one cannot ignore a 2D and 3D animation. Choose according to your needs and requirements.

Moreover, no matter whichever type you choose to keep one thing in mind, that characterization is immensely important. You need to make your characters interesting and appropriate to the brand’s voice. It’s best to keep realism intact. Your characters must act close to like humans. You have to add gestures and postures in the light of realism. Things must look close to being real along with having a bit of exaggeration. Exaggeration is important in animation but keep one thing in mind that it must not get away from the real scientific principles.