May 24, 2024


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Animation Tool Guide to Have Best Free Software


Animation is a lot more challenging than you can think. Many people think that by adding some visual effects like those present in PowerPoint, we can make impressive animation. Though the truth defies these misconceptions. In reality, animation can never be produced in a couple of hours.

You have to spend hours creating the plot first and then the storyboard after that the motion graphics are added into the video. However, the entire video production revolves around the fundamental grounds of motions. For instance, if you plan on making a 2D animation, you do not have to divide the story into smaller frames to showcase the movement much like in 3D animation. In the 2D framework, the entire shot is sketched in a single frame keeping the camera angle constant.

While planning to perform animated video production, you may encounter a number of hurdles and issues. To overcome such troubles the best way is to get your hands on some prominent tools and software as listed below:



KeyShot is a fast and friendly animation software, which is free of cost for the users. It allows novice animators to create the most compelling animation. You can produce even the simplest model inducing highest quality animation. The tool offers a sleek display and user-0cnetric interface. Its services for 3D rendering include 2D/3D animation, camera control to ensure greater efficiency in display, dynamic texture to give the right impression of real-world appearance and HDRI lighting to allow light and adjust the scene.


PowToon is not the software suitable for beginners but many experienced animators prefer it as well. You can create compelling and best quality animated models. Adding realistic flair to your illustration, you can incorporate flawless motion to captivate the viewers. It has a broad range of features along with easy to use templates that are created by experts on board.


PowToon is in the list of top animation making tools and software. It has a well-organized library of royalty-free content. Moreover, you can produce videos in less than three minutes along with enjoying easy export to various social media sites. If you want to use its high-quality features you can try the premium packages as well.


Pencil2D is perfect for creating storyboards for your plot. The storyboards are the most important aspect of an animated video as the entire work of illustration and then the motion is added onto the hand-drawn images of the storyboard. Therefore, you have to be very careful about using the right techniques.

You can use the bitmap and vector graphics when providing the video animation service using the tool. Being an open source software, it allows unlimited facilities to customers. It has an easy to use interface with drag and drop features. Moreover, you can choose from the wide range of templates to create the animation you want. You can enjoy the profession-centric collection having various items and images. To ensure ease and convenience the tools provides cross-platform functionality to users.


K-3D is a highly professional animation making software used to make minute detailed 3D models. It offers a wide variety of plugins along with flexible tools for artists. Moreover, it provides advance redo and undo function along with a node based pipeline for visualization. The best part about K-3D is that it facilitates with properties that can easily be adjusted interactively.


Blender is a leading animation software that offers a wide range of facilities to customers. It requires zero investment and enables animators to drive excellence in their creation. You can transform your still image into engaging 3D motion graphics within no time. The best part about Blender is that it offers a huge collection of tutorials to guide and instruct the users.

With Blender, you can practice most detailed characterization. You can create engaging characters having appealing features and aspects. Among the top features available in the tool, some of them include mirror functionality, editor to adjust posing of each character, automated walk cycle and nonlinear animation.

Wrapping Up

When selecting the tool to be sure about the features you require for making an animated video. Every tool comes with a unique set of feature so be careful with your selection.