October 3, 2023


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5 Successful pre-engineered buildings manufacturers


Uttarakhand, India

Established in 2009, RITU TECH specializes in designing, manufacture and supply of pre-engineered steel buildings with main office in Uttarakhand. They are regarded as most successful manufacturers due to their undying commitment and zeal in staying ahead in competition. Amongst few well-established manufacturers is Ritutech in India which; exports and supply distinctly wide range of Pre-Engineered Building Structure, Pre Prefabricated Structures, Mezzanines Floor Systems , Conventional Steel Buildings, Metal Buildings etc; Ritutech has built a name of its own through the years . Various testimonials are available online for one’s reference that proves the dynamic approach which helped us serve clients better.

They have been recognised especially for pre-engineered buildings (PEB) which is a part of atomic engineering. These structural constructions are pre-fabricated with accessible/ imported raw materials which are further

built as a complete structural system. PEB layout is the most preferred replacement for traditional building frames available in the market today. Greater advantages of this type of structure are- consumption of significantly less time, substantially light weight in comparison with traditional buildings. Pre-Fabrication is done by utilizing high quality raw material, without any compromises. These are supplied in compliance with global standards. They offer diverse layout options and architecture as per desired demands with regards to space, air vents, lengths and breadth of structural requirements. Other highlights of services offered by Ritutech are that is appeals to all parties involved in the project. High reliability, efficiency and professional employees that constitute its team have made them a pioneer in this field. For, who can dare to resist a building system that offers speed, quality and value? Furthermore, owing to the dedicated and multidimensional approach towards all rounded services for clients, they have built long lasting relations based on – trust, integrity and reliability.


Kuwait, Ras-Al-Khaimah (UAE), Vietnam and India (Haridwar & Hyderabad)

KIRBY BUILDING SYSTEMS PVT LTD consists of over 300 certified builders globally. These builders have undergone intensive training on erecting buildings of varied types built for different applications. They are highly competent and offer skilled expertise to clients with reference to PEB. The certified Kirby builders offer valuable comprehensive services in construction to complete turnkey solutions.

They provide a package service of engineering in PEB. They promise cost which is economical, factory controlled quality and longevity in expansion along with its speedy installation etc. These Pre-engineered steel buildings can be used for various residential and commercial structures for example, factories, warehouses, showrooms, aircraft hangars, metro stations, offices community buildings etc.

KIRBY’s Pre-engineered steel buildings consist of following components Main Frames, Cold-Formed Members, Accessories, Mezzanine System, Insulation Crane System etc.


Pune, India

Zamil Steel, with a total production capacity of more than 6,000,000 m2 per annum, they are considered one among the largest manufacturer and supplier of pre-engineered buildings in all of Asia. Since 1977, they have supplied more than 95,000 buildings to more than 95 countries, globally.

They have a network of professional marketing experts proficient in certified builders who specialize in the splendid construction of pre-engineered steel buildings. These normally includes electricity supply design, erection services, civil works, foundations etc. They press immense importance to quality, as it is a continuous process wherein organization-wide action is taken to increase the effectiveness of the engineering processes. Their design and manufacturing faculty follow the IMS procedures which guarantee legal compliance The products are inspected at all stages of fabrication for quality of welding as well as dimensional tolerances. The surface preparation and coatings are inspected from time to time. All inspection records are retained on file for future reference needed for improvements.

They recommend that the erection of buildings be undertaken by their Certified Builders.


Pan India

Interarch Building Products Pvt Ltd is a known company to many in this line which commenced in 1984. They have successfully ensured an impetus to metal interior products in market space of India.

Even 34 years later, today they are a leading PEB, Pre-Engineered Steel Construction Solution provider in India. As they provide integrated facilities for design, manufacture, logistics, supply and project execution capabilities for pre-engineered steel buildings. They hold a major share for metal building systems in India. They have a wide range of clientele from reputed backgrounds. This company has further branched into Interarch Infrastructure a sect of the company that caters specifically to heavy steel structure, large metal infrastructural projects in India.

They have been market leader in terms of knowledge and industrial experience when it comes to PEB, steel building manufacturing and construction and runs various mindshare communities for the influencers in this industry.

i.  Interarch Building Innovators

ii. Interarch Certified Builders

They together bring two critical partners of this industry in providing them a community to share ideas. Consecutively, the Building Innovators brings together the best architects and engineers as well as end users to share their expertise. A Certified Builder program started by them help in promoting better execution, safety and quality in construction in India.

  •   PHENIX Construction Technology

Gujarat, India

Innovation to the power of growth- is Phenix’s motto since its inception. New age manufacturing technologies led to the invention of PEBs also known as Prefab Buildings.  They quickly adapted to the global industrial demand for steel construction solutions and since the advancement of technology, no stone was left unturned.

Phenix’s Pre Engineered Buildings has a team of highly skilled labourers and experienced technologists.  They help in customizing and tailor-make structures to meet specific needs as per demands. They are revolutionizing Pre Engineered Steel Structures field of work by carving a niche as an innovator in its own right. They further graciously offer complete turnkey steel construction solutions.

The team ensures the feasibility of these structures that encompass designing, manufacturing, maintenance and other related services under one roof.

The unfazed focus on implementing smart technologies has enabled Phenix to decode the complexities and challenges of this field of work by providing durable and cost-effective solutions. They are known for efficient manufacturing equipments at a fully integrated production facility with a capacity of  72,000 mt/annum.