April 20, 2024


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5 Ways to Keep Your Information Secure on Cloud!


We can totally see the hacking groups and tutorials trending on social media and video streaming sites. Back in 2011 major hacking groups like LulzSec and Anonymous motivated individuals to such a point that they took the internet with firestorm by hacking major websites like Fox.com and Sony’s PlayStation network. This event created a great stir among the major businesses to work something out to make their security even tighter.

Sometimes we are to be blamed for security breaches:

Security breaches provide hackers with access to a boatload of users’ personal information. We can blame the corporations for security negligence and hackers for intruding but often there is a third party at fault that is us- the users. Definitely, it’s not our fault the webpage got compromised but we can always take precautionary measures (by protecting our network and identity over the internet) to prevent such events, which we seldom take.

Get security packs to feel more protected:

Where the internet has increased the rate of connectivity, it has also opened the gates for many threats to us, which are all man-made. Internet service providers are helping greatly in this regard and are providing additional security to make their users all the more secure, but we also have to take a few responsibilities for ourselves. Find yourself such efficient and responsible internet service providers via localcabledeals.com. It is home to the most amazing internet service providers in the U.S., that not only offer high-speeds but also provide their customers and clientele with security packs to make their online presence much more secure. I found such an ISP near me

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Sometimes hackers hack the whole cloud and completely leave the webmaster paralyzed. To avoid such a situation try these 5 simple tips:

1.   Always play smart with passwords

We all try to choose the simplest passwords in order to remember them easily. But this simple negligence can harm us in so many ways. Choosing an easy password might seem to simplify our task but doing so can cost us a fortune also. Try to play smart with your passwords. Use a special character, uppercase letters, lower case letters and numbers to make a unique password so one cannot easily predict it.


2.   Do not reuse passwords

Reusing password or changing it a little can make your password prone to the attacks. So do not get lazy and reuse your password but generate a unique password instead.

3.   Always create a backup for your data

Having a backup is always great. Whenever we plan something we always create a plan B, if something goes wrong with the original plan we can always use it. So backup is your plan B. Backups can greatly help you to recover data in case of any emergency or data loss.

Do not ever rely on one service and back your data up on more than one platform.  We all heard the famous proverb telling us to never put all the eggs in one basket.

4.   Alert yourself and play it safe

Probe the latest threats and viruses trending. Keep yourself away from unauthentic sources and always use virus detectors to alert you in case of an emergency. Avoid accessing your data through public networks.

5.   Manage your passwords through LastPass

LastPass is a great helper when you can’t seem to remember strings of complicated passwords. LastPass provides a great facility to manage your passwords and also provides an extra layer of security to keep your sensitive information all the more secure.

We always take simple, basic things very lightly and do not consider them highly important.We keep thinking if something is not extremely technical it definitely isn’t worth worrying about. On the contrary, these little things are your very first shield in case of an emergency. These little measures can prevent you from facing a great loss. Start using these small quick tips to make your data secure.

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