March 1, 2024


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7 Coronavirus SEO Strategies Based On Your Brand Industry

Coronavirus SEO Strategies

The current global pandemic has completely changed the behavior of users on the network. In turn, the ubiquitous COVID-19 is affecting every industry differently.

This historic moment can be the end of many companies or a new rebirth, if the right decisions are made. As such, brands need to focus on their coronavirus SEO strategies more than ever, for example: COVID-19 Epidemic: Shifting Trend of Online Shopping.

SEO will continue to be essential during the crisis

As the economy falters from the virus, companies change their strategy and prepare for the worst. But, even in this difficult situation, SEO is still a valuable tool for businesses .

The truth is, businesses can take a positive step in downtime. Those who invest time and money in search engines will be able to differentiate themselves from the rest . There are 5 important reasons to continue betting on positioning in the time of coronavirus:

1.- SEO produces several benefits

Quarantined people continue to shop online . By putting your brand in the top positions, the customer will take you into consideration. You can also offset potential losses by investing in a comprehensive search engine marketing program. This action will make you visible to customers who for now only have in mind to buy.

2.- The influence of research

The strategies of the coming months must be adapted to people’s behavior. It’s the price to pay for getting results and being able to change tactics accordingly. For example, you can assign a portion of your budget to the most important keywords of the moment. Or promote content that can improve the mood of your potential customers.

3.- Essential goods generate research

Start identifying the most sought after assets. Many SEO strategists will run link building campaigns around product alternatives that are hard to find. The costs of keywords linked to these elements will increase as demand increases.

4.- People always need goods

Not leaving the house does not mean that you stop buying and hiring services. On days of confinement, the best way to reach the consumer is through search engine marketing for an animated explainer video. A Google Ads campaign with the right keywords, for example, can be set up in no time.


5.- You have to think about tomorrow

If you implement a search engine marketing program during your downtime, you will be ready for the post coronavirus world. The effectiveness of many campaigns takes time to be visible. And that success can be decisive in helping you in difficult economic times.

SEO strategies against coronavirus

The events caused by the virus are affecting each sector differently. An important measure such as social distancing, for example, has favored the search for the concept of “non-perishable food”: news immediately alter reality and companies are forced to adapt new SEO strategies to the coronavirus .

Here are seven cases where COVID-19 appears to be affecting SEO metrics and suggestions to adapt to the new times.

1.- Online companies that sell essential products

E-commerce companies dedicated to selling basic necessities have seen their impressions and traffic data increase significantly . Toilet paper, disinfectant gel, thermometers… these products are at the top of the list of the most searched terms by users. New research has also emerged, such as “toilet paper near my house” and “hand sanitizer near my house” .

On the other hand, non-essential elements such as makeup have suffered traffic drops. Travel-related products, such as suitcases, also experienced a significant decline.

Consider building a high demand product segment based on your impressions and traffic data . Prioritize these pages and continuously track them down to find errors.

Monitor files to make sure no search engine bot errors are displayed. Also, make them easy to find in site navigation. Finally, look at the query data on those pages to make sure their content reflects the most up-to-date searches.

2.- Research oriented to health and well-being

With the expansion of COVID-19, health and wellness sites are seeing an overall increase in impressions and traffic .
The main query in the past few weeks has been “coronavirus symptoms” . There has also been an increase in consultations on natural remedies such as “herbal remedies” , ” antibacterial essential oils ” and ” antiviral foods “.

The struggle for experience, authority and trust in this type of content is crucial right now. People turn to search engines to get answers to their medical questions, a great responsibility for these websites. For this reason, it is necessary to offer truthful and very useful information that answers the answers these people are looking for on the Internet .

3.- Web pages of gastronomic recipes

The confinement has awakened the chef that many carry within. This is mainly because people can no longer go to bars and restaurants to eat. Culinary recipe websites have seen how the click-through and impression rate has increased exponentially.

The state of alarm appears to be prolonged and this positively affects these Web pages. As long as grocery stores are closed, people will have to continue to “innovate” in their kitchens.

Using structured data to improve the way it appears in search results is essential . In this whirlwind of requests for new dishes, you need to offer more services.

Another coronavirus SEO strategy you can use for your recipe site is to promote affordable recipes. This group includes dishes that require few ingredients or products that can be found in any neighborhood store.

4.- Dedicated websites

The media are seeing huge increases in print and traffic. Users are constantly looking for information, from mortality statistics to the latest news.

Having defined coronavirus SEO strategies is important for editors and journalists . If you run a current website, check your data files periodically. It is imperative that the AMP pages show no errors. Likewise, check pages by publication date to make sure bots crawl new pages as soon as possible.

Base your content on searches made by users in search engines. This way you will always know where the public interest lies. Likewise you have to rethink all seasonal themes and adapt them to the new world problem.

5.- Restaurants and food shops

The coronavirus has had a huge negative impact on the restaurant industry. Those who did not close were forced to serve food only at home. On the other hand, home delivery services like UberEats, Glovo, and Deliveroo have given support. As the table above indicates, searching for industry-specific terms has greatly increased.

If your business has been closed due to COVID-19, use Google My Business to indicate it’s closed. You can also add a GMB question and answer your restaurant’s status during quarantine .
It is also advisable to use Google posts to keep customers informed during the crisis .

6.- Online travel agencies

While we can hardly go out right now, users still think about moving. Websites that offer travel and tickets have noticed an increase in their traffic. And not only from users who want to cancel trips, but also from those who are looking for bargains .

The flight sector is the one with the highest number of requests of this type. The consultation rate for the term ” cheap flights ” has skyrocketed in recent weeks. Conversely, behind closed door tourist sites, such as amusement parks, have seen their traffic and impressions diminish.

Travel companies will have to radically change their SEO strategies for coronavirus. One of the essential points will be improving customer service . To do this, brands will need to monitor regular customer research and offer solutions to these problems. Similarly, website content will have to adapt to the new doubts and questions of travelers affected by the crisis.

As an SEO manager of a company in this industry you have to constantly monitor user trends. On future dates, your requests may change, which is a compelling reason to consult regularly. With all the data obtained, better information can be provided to help and public relations teams .

7.- Other sectors

The volatility of the data is affecting pages of all kinds. In these complex times, coronavirus SEO strategies need to prioritize customer service.

Empathy with the customer is essential. You must try to offer solutions to problems and doubts that arise during the crisis. Therefore, it is essential to adapt the content to the needs of the users. Taking general data is fine, but every website requires custom tracking. This will give space to the needs of your audience.