June 5, 2024


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7 Things About Surgery Training in Germany you will kick yourself for not knowing


In the list of countries acquiring the world’s best universities, Germany has its own place for a long time. Whether it is medical or engineering every course is available with world-class training and facilities. As a graduate in the field of medicine, postgraduate and specialist training holds an important building block of a successful career. For a hardworking and career-oriented person, Germany has numerous amounts of opportunities in medical sciences. The specialization programs available in Germany are mainly of 5 to 6 years of duration after which a student can start practicing as a doctor. Although every German state has a different set of rules, however, the quality of training is similar and best in all states. If you are planning to get specialized training in medical from Germany then here are 7 Things about Surgery Training in Germany, You’ll Kick Yourself for Not Knowing.

  1. Procedure to apply

After completing graduation in the medical field, the next step involved in the specialization subject. Whether you want to be a heart surgeon or brain specialist, the first step is to select the area of your specialization. After thinking and selecting the specialization course the crucial and competitive part comes in way i.e. applying to the German universities. The competition for the medical specialization course is much higher in Germany compared to other countries. The admissions in specialized training programs are given on the basis of specialist entrances.


During these specialization training programs students are not pursuing any medical degree but they are getting trained for future endeavors. One of the most needed eligibility is language. Students willing to study and process medical specialization in Germany should surely know how to speak and understand the German language. One needs to provide valid certification to pass the language constraint.

After applying to the specialization course you will work as an assistant physician. The jobs for the post can be found on German federal employment agency, job posting websites or German medical journals. Many institutes also provide the training program in-house in their integrated clinics. Forces programs you can get information on the website of the respective Institute.

  • Eligibility criteria and required qualification

Start the training program forgetting specialization in your subject from Germany you are required to qualify the eligibility criteria by state medical license also known as certification to provide medical treatment in Germany. You need to possess citizenship of EU, Switzerland, Norway or Liechtenstein and medical education certification from month German college.


If you are from any other country then you need to pass an assessment test to make sure that the education qualification you possess is sufficient to become a doctor or not.

  • Funds to study in Germany

For a person many times it becomes difficult to fund their dream to study in Germany. For students from different parts of the world, it becomes more difficult. Therefore Universities in Germany provide education at a low price. In public universities, no tuition fees are required for medical specialization training. Although you are required to show some financial support to get your study visa. To help the students in funding education there are many e scholarship programs available such as DAAD.

  • Course outline and training

In Germany, one can study for a medical degree in Germany and start training or can pursue only the training part. The complete medical course is provided in parts in which the first two years are kept for basic science studies Hindi meaning for medical training. To get a medical license in Germany the following specifications are needed:

  • Undergraduate medical degree minimum of 6 years of academic syllabus.
  • Medical training of at least 48 weeks without any gap
  • Training of first aid
  • Experience in the field of nursing

The first two years of studying cover all areas of medicine. The next 2 years acquire the curriculum of the training period and the last year is all about elective subject and specialization course.

  • Medical examinations in Germany

To study medical Germany student are required to qualify the medical tests. This test takes place in 3 steps:

  • Step 1: General medical examination. One can give and pass the examination only if he/ she has pursued and studied medical sciences for at least two years. The course of the test is based on basic anatomy physiology and biochemistry. The exam consists of a test and the viva.
  • Step 2: disturb to examinations can be given only after you have completed the first step and studied deeply for 5 years. The mode of examination is a written examination.
  • Step 3: This is the complete summarised step that ensures that the person is fully qualified for the doctor’s license.
  • Advantages of pricing medical training from Germany

Is a medical student you can expect many advantages from German medical training. Some of the advantages are listed below:

  • You can opt for the best education for the subject you want to pursue in your specialization.
  • There are no tuition fees required to study in Germany which means you can get the best education in pocket-friendly prices.
  • In Germany, there is no rush hour and you can work as per your comfort level and timings.
  • After completing training from Germany, one can easily get a job in Europe and get settled.
  • Many opportunities in other countries are also opened after getting medical training from Germany.

Medical training is a need of every doctor. A good doctor can handle lives but a bad doctor can take lives. Therefore, it is required to get trained from the best which can be provided only in Germany.