June 6, 2024


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How To Improve Web Presence Organically

How To Improve Web Presence Organically 

The internet continues to intertwine itself with modern life. 

According to Statista.com, there were 5.16 billion internet users in January 2023. Everyone uses the internet for different reasons like paying bills, catching up on the news, entertainment, researching a topic, or something else. 

If you want to attain your ideal audience, you must build your presence online. This article will help you develop and expand your reach.


Anytime you post online, it is crucial to be aware of your tone. Your current and potential audience will quickly pick up on your attitude surrounding your business and its clients. Purdue University suggests being confident, courteous, and serious to come off as professional in your writing:

  • Confident – The first part of coming across as confident in your writing is knowing your subject well. State your facts clearly, be concise, and provide evidence for your claims. 
  • Courteous – Avoid condescending language or putting other people down. What may seem obvious to you may not be to someone else. Courtesy can also be shown by using manners and appreciation, but it can be easy to go overboard. 
  • Serious – There is a time and place to joke and be fun, and there’s also a time to be serious. When writing as an authority on a subject, it is crucial that you save the humor for another time. 

Ways To Build Your Presence

Whether you are just starting a business or already have an established brand, here are a few ways to build your presence online.

Use Social Media

Social media has become one of the most powerful ways to market to consumers. In fact, there were 4.76 billion social media users in January 2023. Therefore, there are billions of potential customers to reach, and most brands and businesses have already taken steps to use different platforms to their advantage. 

According to Sami from Transpero.net, 50% of advertisers who use social media for some period have seen higher results in their search engine rankings.

Some of the most popular platforms are Facebook, YouTube, Wh atsapp, Instagram, WeChat, and TikTok. Remember that each of these has its unique audience since they are used for different purposes, so you need to choose the style and tone of your content carefully. You might see good results with cross-posting, though, as most of these platforms have added short-term content like stories due to its popularity. 


It can feel overwhelming to manage all of these different platforms, but following trends can be a fun and easy way to generate content ideas. Regardless, it is still important to understand what message your content is sending to your audience. When posting, be aware of your tone. 

For instance, consider a post by a hair stylist where they highlight things they dislike about what their clients do. This might be funny to some, but it also alienates potential clients. Instead, think of ways you can shine a positive light on a trend – like showing things you enjoy about your clients. If you cannot put a positive spin on it, then it might be better to skip the trend. 


Blogging is another way to provide value to your customers, and search engine users may discover your brand through a blog. Posts can cover a variety of topics, but they should relate to your business; otherwise, patrons may attribute your blog to another brand. You also need to maintain a consistent tone and voice across all channels for your audience to recognize your brand. 

The best way to ensure consistency is to build a framework for your content. This framework, also known as the content brief, sets forth the requirements and recommendations for every article and piece of content you put out. The brief should include important information like an outline of the content, basic requirements like keywords and word count, and details about your target audience and content goals. 

Additionally, it is crucial to take the time to learn about search engine optimization (SEO), which can help your posts show up higher on search results. But even when you are optimizing, remember to stay true to your brand. 

If you don’t want to write the blog posts yourself, you can hire a freelance writer to write the posts for you. It’s important to hire a quality writer who can write in a conversational and yet professional tone while also adhering to good SEO practices. 

Provide Resources

Depending on the type of business you run, your resources and blog may overlap. For instance, a how-to blog post could be a valuable resource for users looking to understand how to use one of your products or solve a problem they have run into. Other resources might include a course on a specific topic, a frequently asked questions page, ebooks, or an e-tool. Again, what may be obvious to you may not be obvious to someone else.

General Tips for Success


It can be frustrating to have your expectations subverted, which is why it is so important to be consistent. Stick to your policies when you respond to customer inquiries. This will keep things clear to your customers and allow you to treat everyone fairly. In addition, consistency can help you build credibility. Current and potential customers, as well as search engines, will see your business as reliable and responsible. 

Be Genuine

The internet is full of scams, lies, and inauthentic people and businesses. It is okay to sell, but do not be pushy or dishonest; marketing should not include lies. Instead, you should aim to showcase the value of your products and services. Think about what problem or problems they solve. 

Your product, service, or resources may not be perfect, but dishonesty will quickly ruin your reputation. Lies and deception will cause you to be seen as untrustworthy, and who wants to buy from a brand that might lie about how well their product works? Not to mention, there are plenty of businesses that are reliable and honest. This also applies when you make a mistake. Each situation is unique, but it is appreciated when people acknowledge and address the issues they have created. 

Final Thoughts

Setting the tone requires authenticity and consistency and should be seen in all forms of your communication. To sum it up, your tone should be professional as well as fitting to your personality, and sometimes it is better to skip a trend if it does not fit with the tone you are aiming to set.