April 20, 2024


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Importance of railway track inspection with railroad vehicles


It is very important that regular track inspections and track renewals be made to save people’s lives and prevent any kinds of train accidents. A well-maintained railroad track always helps to maintain high or slow the train speed and provides you smoother journey. For the safety and ease of passengers, the importance of track maintenance cannot be overlooked. Heavyweight, climate factor, train speed, crack, dynamic stiffness of the track, etc are some of the reasons for the degradation of the railroad. Every year billions are spent in India for the safety-related work of rail tracks. The Indian Railways provides the best rail cum road vehicles like track inspection car for the proper track inspection process.


Indian Railways manufactures high-tech inspection vehicles to check internal faults of all types of rail tracks, which cannot be detected and detectable by the human eye. Over time, as the trains constantly move on the tracks, the groove or rock underneath the track becomes uneven and for this reason, the train can move away from its track. The Premnath Railway producesthelatest customized featuredrailroad vehicles that have large storage capacity, easy loading and unloading capabilities.

Railroad track inspection car features and benefits:

  • It has comfortable seating for up to 5 passengers which facilitate the inspection team member.
  • There are many experimental types of equipment inside the cabin of this inspection vehicle such as ultrasonic flaw detectors, gauge testing and other inspection equipment.
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  • An inspection team can track the speed through these rail road vehicles and stop regularly to check rail, yards, track conditions, measure distances between switches, railway connections, grade crossings, joints, rail crossings and bridges.
  • This customized railroad inspection vehicle is very easy to operate and maintain and is made with wired / wireless remote for all operations.
  • Some customized specifications such as heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders, six rail wheels, imported high torque hydraulic motors, single imported hydraulic pump, fail-safe pneumatic brakes, chain-driven, etc helps to increase the power and safety system of the railroad inspection car.
  • This rail inspection car helps to reduce the high cost due to poor track condition degradation before a track problem becomes more expensive.

Other railway tracks defecting causes are tongue lipping, gauge corner cracking, squats – which start as small surface-breaking cracks, corrosion, inclusions, seams, shelling, transverse fissures, wheel burn, etc. Using this railroad car, you could get rid of all these problems very quickly. There are many reputable companies that will meet your urgent need for inspection vehicles. However, in order to get the best vehicle, you have to search online a lot, and best of all, you have to buy the inspection car from an authentic site. With the help of a perfect inspection vehicle, you can learn about any railway track problems and complete the project before the deadline too soon.

Nowadays, before buying railroad vehicles through Premnath Railway, you can get a demo of this inspection car that helps to understand the features, specifications, working methods and benefits. Hopefully, with this article, you will find out all the important tips about the inspection vehicle.