October 3, 2023


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Lector Manga and other alternatives to read manga in Spanish

lector manga

Within the world of the Internet there are several sites to read and download manga resources, for example Lector Manga. Because the large number of sites dedicated to this topic change over the months, the list of websites to download this type of resource changes frequently.

Sometimes some of these resources are closed due to problems with the literary editions, however you can find your favorite manga booklets by searching through the various search results that Google shows you.

To make your search easier, we have compiled a list of various websites that offer the on-demand download service and other related resources available to general users.

What is Lector Manga?

Link: https://lectormanga.com/

lector manga

LectorManga is quite a popular site, and one of the most searched websites for downloading cartoons and comics of this genre, with more than 5,000 resources available for all tastes within the world of comics.

It consists of several databases, with different categories to obtain the desired resources, for example the most popular sleeves of the moment, trending, weekly top, etc. It also has a section of last uploads, where it shows a table that contains types, titles, chapters, upload time and upload author.

Some of the types shown in the table are manhwa, manga, novels, manhua, etc. With quantity between 1 chapter to more than 700 chapters, depending on the series.

Lector Manga Community

Users and fans are free to upload their own comics as well as contribute in other ways, which since 2014, users have made contributions that have grown the site. With a fairly substantial manga library for the current year 2022.

To belong to the community, it is enough to create an account within the site and access. By having an account, it is possible to save favorites, schedules, pending resources, as well as other comics to follow. You can also search for the desired resources in the search bar in the library.

Sites active in 2022

Because there are several similar ones that have the same name, we detail which are the existing ones and the characteristics of each of them:

  • Lectormanga.com: Original site, dating from 2014, contains the resources that the community uploads frequently, as well as containing a broader catalog regarding the Manga theme and other comics of similar genres.
  • Lectormanga.online: Alternative website, not being a clone, because it contains other different resources, although it also combines with some of the previous site. The quality of the comics is usually good, although different in number.
  • Lectormanga.top: A third site focused on offering manga content for users who want it, it does not have as many users who consult it as its predecessors, since the site is more recent, however it also contains good comics, for everyone tastes in the world of comics.

Alternatives to Lector Manga to read comics

Despite the high popularity of the website, there are many other resources that can help you get your favorite comics, which are so diverse that readers have the opportunity to learn about various literary genres in the world of comics. Here we show you some of these:


Link: http://tumangasonline.net

descargar manga gratis

Here we present a website where you can read stories, various popular and old sagas, cartoons, and other options that can expand your repertoire of websites to read manga online and even download them.

We have written another article that shows you the advantages that this site offers, as well as some other alternatives to allow you to acquire your comics in the world of manga.

Although Tumangaonline contains various resources such as comics and comics related to the topics preferred by users, lately the site has been shown to have a large amount of adware, therefore some users have decided to use an immune operating system such as Mac to access the site and its features. resources, however it is not entirely safe for other operating systems such as Windows.

The site also has different categories to choose from among different manga genres, among other illustrated resources for the entertainment of users on the site, or who are looking for alternatives to download manga.



Link: https://otakuteca.com/?lang=es


Without a doubt, Otakuteca is an authorized alternative for the lector manga, its large amount of content means a lot, since there are many existing ones on the site that are not found on the original site, so the manga community is also continuously growing for this website .

Otakuteca is a manhwa, manga and anime database that allows users to get addicted to their content. In addition to having a strong support community from Tiktok and Facebook that constantly exchange content, growing the repertoire.

As an important part, it is important to mention that several of the available resources have an expiration date, therefore some comics could be found at this time, and change for next week. Therefore, users normally download their desired resources so as not to lose them due to the temporary nature of the site.

There are also several anime themes, among which users will be able to see an animated version of their comics, although their number is lower than the manga due to the difficulty of making an anime versus a comic.


Link: https://inmanga.com/


With InManga you will have endless manga options to download and view in your browser. Contains updates, chapters, favorites, and other options for users who want specific and novelty resources. In the same way, they are resources obtained from the community, which are normally carried out by hobby.

Although it is a more recent site than the previous ones, it has a growing community, allowing its contents to be updated on a daily basis, giving rise to a wide catalog within its database, resources ready to be seen.

As its variety is wide, users normally find the resources they are looking for, when they have not acquired them from other forms or web sites similar or alternate to those shown previously.


Link: https://readmanga.net

lector manga

Another alternate site to Lector Manga, and which is found within the first places of the search results is Leermanga. Site specialized in magazines in Spanish on the subject, with frequent updates and a wide catalog available for users who consult the site.

Like the previous results, the site provides a search engine, in which you can find your favorite series, and even adaptations to the original for those who like content creativity through series modified or derived from the original.

Leermanga is also a recently created site, constantly expanding, allowing its contents to expand as demand grows.

Other alternate sites

Thanks to the vastness of the Internet world, today we have many sites that together provide a good base of resources, most of which are free. Here’s some context on these tools, which might help you find your favorite magazine.

  • ymanga.com: Allows you to read comics in Spanish, for example: One Piece, Black Clover, One Punch Man, The Dragon Ball Saga and Edens Zero.
  • Mangaplaza.com: Subscription system for users in the United States, with content available upon registration.
  • Crunchyroll.com: Popular manga site, examples: Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, and The Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Manga-tx: Site in English with popular alternatives, and topics of interest in the world of Japanese and Korean comic strips.
  • Leercapitulo.com: Magazines in Spanish, quality and online, available from any device connected to the internet.
  • Manga.too: Updated site whose contents are in English. (However, with internationalization, the language is superfluous, or even some prefer to translate them)

Physical Manga Alternatives

Many people these days have a love for physical books, and it is no exception for those people who love to collect comics and comics, especially if they are series. In the world of manga, many fans enjoy not only reading, but collecting unique items and even original or collectible manga.

There are many online stores that offer the service to sell physical manga, as well as specialized centers for this type of magazine. Its variety lies not only in the genre, but in the very characteristics of the comics: chapters, plot, color, and even age, the latter factor being highly appreciated by collectors.

Some alternatives to Physical Lector manga are:

  • Mangabrería: Online store where you can get your scripts and titles, to be delivered physically to your home.
  • Akibaraxpress: Online store for fans, where they not only sell physical sleeves, but also key rings, caps, snacks, board games, and any other related product, delivered to your doorstep.
  • Kamite: Publisher of comics and other genres.
  • Panini: Editorial that also sells collections, books, prints and other physical resources.
  • Amicostore: Anime store, movies, action figures, Japanese snacks, games related to comics, magazines, accessories, also delivered to your home.

Courses to learn Manga

Maybe you are not only fond of reading, but you love to draw. For this, there are many academies in which you can develop your drawing techniques so that you can make your own scripts, and perfect your techniques through Japanese art.

  • Domestika: Comic creation academy, acquire lettering, drawing skills and other techniques to create your own sketches. Also suitable for 3D game designers.
  • Edutin: Drawing course, visual content creation techniques, from pencil, oil, and other types of strokes. Some of the strategies used to develop quality content, of course, with the relevant techniques.


After reviewing the contents of Lector Manga, a complete review of its main alternatives, and other topics such as online stores and academies to learn drawing, we can say that it is a good hobby to develop skills and take inspiration from others, however, some Resources are copyrighted, and you should avoid downloading them.

You can download resources in the public domain without any restriction, as long as the author authorizes it, under the prewritten license in the resource you want to acquire.