June 19, 2024


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Top Reasons You Should Visit Norway

reasons visit Norway

Last night I downloaded Christopher Nolan’s Tenet from https://thepirateproxybay.com/, and as I was watching the film, I realized that one of the locations where the film was shot was the capital city of Norway, Oslo.

It got me thinking.

Since I was so mesmerized by the beauty of the country when I set foot there, I thought of making a list of the best things to see in Norway so that more and more people could drown in its beauty.

So here I am with a list of the best reasons why one should visit Norway.

Without further ado, let’s explore them: 

1: Keep Me Where The Northern Lights Are!

If you visit Norway, you must see the Northern Lights. 

You should have an excellent chance to witness the Aurora Borealis if you visit Norway from August to April. 

You can even go dog sledding, snowmobiling, reindeer sledding, or on Northern Lights cruises with a guide who will take you to the finest spots to observe these natural wonders. 

There are countless options for you to swatch these wonders, whether in cities or tiny towns or in the center of the wilderness. 


2: Sunrise At Midnight???

Norway is known as the “Land of the Midnight Sun.”

Between late May and late July, the sun never sets in Northern Norway, allowing you to enjoy full daylight all day. 

The Midnight Sun casts enchanting colors of light throughout the day and night, making it difficult to sleep. 

Northern Norwegians like hiking in the Midnight Sun as well as other hobbies such as fishing, boating, and simply spending time with friends and family. 

3: The Dramatic Fjords!

Many of you have seen the fjords of Norway in photographs, on TV, or social media, and many of you have wished to visit them. 

Fjords may be found across Norway, but the iconic Geiranger and Hardanger fjords are probably the most beautiful ones.

These fjords will provide spectacular environmental experiences, including high mountains alongside the water’s edge and abundant animals. 

Fjord excursions are available in the winter and summer in the north and Troms. You can go by car, minivan, bus, or boat cruise to see these wonders.


4: We’re Going Down To Have A WHALE Of Time

The whale viewing season in Norway lasts all year, but the whales follow the herring in the fjords, so different spots are available to see them. 

You should choose a spot where you may meet them from year to year. Booking a guided excursion to observe the gorgeous humpback and killer whales in their natural habitat is frequent. 

Whale viewing season at Troms normally runs from November until the end of January. 

Norwegians want to do everything they can to safeguard these animals. Therefore, they hope you will take the time to read their whale watching instructions.

5: Skiing Is A Dance & The Mountain Always Leads!

Many Norwegians will go skiing in Norway during the summer and winter. 

In Narvik ski resort, you may ski from peak to sea, while in Troms Alpinpark, you can blend urban city life with downhill skiing. 

Many Troms’ natives may be found cross-country skiing in and around Troms, especially in Prestvannet and on the routes in Kvalya and Tromsdalen. 

Summer skiing in the Lyngen Alps is top-rated, and Lyngen ski touring is well-known among skiers all over the globe. 

6: Who Doesn’t Wanna See A Polar Bear?

The Svalbard Archipelago, located just north of the Norwegian mainland, is a group of islands with a tiny human population but a big population of magnificent wildlife. 

Longyearbyen and other communities provide guided trips where you may go out and see polar bears in the wild. 

These magnificent beasts are breathtaking to behold, but keep in mind that they are wild and dangerous animals. 

It is absolutely necessary that you view them in Svalbard with an expert guide and follow their instructions as you see these wonderful creatures roaming in nature. 

7: Explore The Indigenous Sami Culture

Sami culture is Norway’s oldest and most vibrant, particularly in Northern Norway. Sami people have traditionally made a living via fishing, farming, and hunting. 

Many Sammi people now reside outside their traditional provinces, in Oslo and other parts of Norway. 

You will be able to participate in events to learn more about the Sami culture while visiting Northern Norway and Troms. 

You can also learn about the region’s history, participate in dogsledding, lasso tossing, reindeer feedings, and relish traditional Sami cuisine. 

To Conclude…

I’m sure these reasons are intriguing enough to make you plan a trip to Norway. 

Once you understand how you’re going to enjoy all of these in your trip, you can make a perfect itinerary that will make your trip memorable and amazing. 

So, if you need more info from us to play your trip here, let us know in the comment section below.