March 2, 2024


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The Guide to create digital marketing strategies in 2020


A new decade has begun, with the year 2020 and there is a lot that is going to transform this year. While everything is changing, the market and the ways in which businesses function will also change. Are you ready to bring in the change in your business to cope up with the market changes in the year 2020? With a variety of options, to choose from businesses are adopting new marketing and digital marketing strategies to compete with all the enthusiasm and dedication to get their businesses reach new heights! 

Considering what all the business are trying to do for their growth. Have you planned your strategy to enter the fast-paced competition? If not, you can go through this article to get the ultimate guidance for the next step!

If you are thinking that, these are going to be basic marketing strategies through social media platforms, Wikipedia pages or other content marketing platforms, you may be right! but before you think of hiring bloggers, writers, content creators, SEO professionals or any Wikipedia writing services

, then you should hold on and read this article to decide what you have to do and how will it be done! 

Here is list of the best advices and strategies suggested by the best digital marketing experts that can help you come on top of your competitors

Make your content educated 

Content has always been the most important part of any digital marketing strategy. 

Brands and businesses create content mostly to grab the audience but they often forget that they need to create the content that is relevant to their business, brand, product or service. The content for digital marketing should be very eye-catching but it should not just be dragged to entertain the audience, it should be authoritative, optimized and should have all the knowledge to educate the potential clients and for that you need educated content. That reflects everything about you! 


Try investing in the original research 

According to a few researches conducted by the digital marketing experts, it is seen that audiences are influenced by new and original data oriented researches. The audiences need new stories and angles to see the same things with a new and different perspective. 

You can invest in conducting your own research that is relevant with your business. 

Update you content regularly

A business should keep the customers updated with all the news, events and happenings old content may have helped in previous rankings but it will not help in ranking up in future as the trends and methods. People notice that the platforms are not updating and may feel like the business has gone down or not operating very well.

What you can do is that you can upload the same articles or content with a few modifications to make it look new and show the activity on your platforms. This way the customers would have a reason to trust your business platforms.

Expand the business’s guest blogging opportunities

If you have difficulties in creating more content for your website or other platforms, fill them up in other ways. Allow others to create content for your digital marketing platforms and for your brand. 

What you can do is, allow other to post guest blogs for your brand and business. This strategy can be ideal for both parties as they can leverage their expertise and we can use their content and knowledge to leverage our blogs as the great source for lead generation activities and relevant information.

Use more data and videos to personalize your content

Audience loves messages delivered in a creative manner. It gets the businesses quick responses and the customers understand the messages better and enjoy the delivery of messages. 

Videos are a great tool for digital marketing as they present the message4 in the most creative form. There are many variations, which can be done in the videos. You can create different types of videos like;

  1. White board video animations
  2. 3D video animations
  3. Simple animations
  4. Cartoon videos 

There are a lot more to name! You can add data to your video content and personalize them according to your business needs and requirements.