May 24, 2024


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The Smartphone technologies expected to rise in 2020



Mobile phones are now the back bone of the world’s communication network. And not only that the use of smartphones has made the world take larger and faster leaps towards the future. Most of the things that were thought to be impossible and were only seen in the movies are now not only a reality but are being commercially used. 

According a leading mobile app development company in California the smartphone technology is still on its way to shocking the people of this world now. There are so many new and innovative breakthroughs that are taking place on an everyday basis that the life of every new technology in the smartphone industry seems likes minutes. Innovations can hardly be called innovations in a matter of a few minutes. New technologies are becoming obsolete in such a short amount of time that it seems that most of the sci-fi movies that we use to watch as kids might actually come to life.


According to many experts the next stage in technology is that people are actually going to get themselves inserted with micro chips. These micro chips will enable to people to pay and make bank transactions and some experts are even heard saying that the use of the smartphone is something that will also totally change. According to some researches the use of holographic technology is soon going to make its way into the market where average people will be able to use the holographic technology in their daily lives. But then again this is something that might happen way ahead in the future and might be possible this year.


The most highly expected smartphone technologies that will be making their way into our lives this year are as follows:

5G: Alright, we all know that 5G is already here but we haven’t really been able to see to see it in action properly. It is expected to be hitting the world like a storm this year and this silence we’re experiencing these days regarding 5G might be the silence before the storm. This year Apple is expected to come out with their latest Apple iPhone 5G. And their rivals Samsung have already been reported to have been launching 5G capable smartphones. 

According to some reports it is expected that half of the US population will have access to 5G enabled devices and will be using 5G in their daily lives. The arrival of 5G has not only has the two giants Apple and Samsung gunning for the market share but many other companies all over the world are also hoping and are expected to come out with 5G supported smartphones and the sales of smartphones are expected to increase by more than 2.5% by the end of the year 2020.

Foldable smartphones: For what it’s worth Samsung has been fueling the fire of foldable smartphones since the previous year and with their launch of the Galaxy Fold the future of the smartphone technology has forever been changed. This change in smartphone in the shape of the smartphone is the beginning of a new era in the smartphone industry. It is safe to say that this folding smartphone might just be the technology that will be changing the way smartphones will be shaped and will look in the coming years. This year it is expected that more smartphone companies will also be coming out with smartphones that using similar kinds of technology and helping smartphones fold. Who knew that in the future we would be able to fold our smartphones like books? Needless to say, this is one amazing leap for smartphone technology this year.

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