April 21, 2024


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Types of contact lenses you can choose for your Halloween look


Halloween is the only day of the year where you can dress up like anything and no one would judge you for that which is one of the reasons why people wait for this day throughout the year to try out the bold and blunt looks they have been secretly drooling over.

Although the day is widely associated with the return of ghosts, people not only dress up like ghosts but can also choose any of their favorite fictional character they find funky enough.

Quirky make ups that would otherwise be laughed at are another noticeable thing of this 3-day festive celebration where people belongings to all different faiths and beliefs try out their luck at makeup and dress which they otherwise feel under confident and reluctant for the whole year.

Since eyes are most of the time the first thing people notice and get attracted to so therefore in this article, we are going to discuss the many different types of funky and quirky contact lenses you can choose to complement with your Halloween look and enhance it to a different level of class.

  1. Minimal Lenses:

    If you aren’t planning to go for something extremely spooky or scary this Halloween and are just going for something minimalistic, the minimal contact lenses are the ones you can put on which will definitely attract people but will also not look extra in contrast to the look you are carrying. A simple brown or grey colored lens is what supposed lies under this category of lenses.

  2. Grunge style Lenses:
    Description: grunge1.jpgDescription: grunge2.jpg
    Grunge style is alternate word for the retro theme which is basically used to refer the dressing and makeup of the times of 90s. Lenses in neon colors are the kind of lenses which can be termed as grunge style such as a neon yellow lens which you can pair up with a neon blue costume and maybe a neon pink hair wig. With all of this combined, you will potentially bring up a spooky yet retro look that will definitely help you stand out.

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  4. 3D Contact Lenses:
    Description: 3d.jpg
    The times are surely of 3D and everything in 3D just takes your game to a whole new level. The 3D contact lenses are one of those things which you can put on this Halloween and with a zombie inspired makeup, your deadly stare in those exciting 3D lenses will be enough to scare the hell out of anyone looking you for the first time.

  5. Red-Eyed Lenses:

    The most mainstream kind of spooky makeup you can create on yourself is something that is related to red color. To create that also with your eyes, you can put on blood red contact lenses and with that you can use a red paint to show blood coming out of your mouth where together these two will help you enough to pull off a fantastically spooky and thrilling look in Halloween.

  6. Art Work Contact Lenses:

    Description: art.jpgDescription: art1.jpgDescription: art2.jpg
    Now that art is getting its due share of attention and appreciation, people have also brought their art work in creating some beautiful contact lenses which have fire, water and different kinds of artistic designs made on them. If you are someone into arts, these contact lenses can be definitely chosen to go for the completion of your look. Moreover, their design tends to attract people and they will surely ask you about them because of how amazing they look.

Conclusively, apart from those mentioned above, there are a wide variety of contact lenses that are now available in markets to complement the multiple different looks you are planning to flaunt in Halloween.

However, it is extremely important that you make sure of the quality of the lenses and don’t go after anything just because it is available in a low cost. If you are someone with sensitive eyes or are prone to catching allergies often, it is highly advised that you don’t put on lenses because they can irritate your eyes and can basically spoil the entire event for you.

Moreover, you are strictly advised to stay away from bonfires because they can easily catch fire and you can easily lose your eyes which you definitely wouldn’t want for yourself. In addition, try putting on lenses before you apply makeup because when you are putting on the lenses, there is a chance that your eyes might get watery which can spoil your makeup if you will put them up after you are done with your makeup.

So, if you will take in consideration all the precautions and be mindful of the dos and don’ts, you will be able to have the most thrilling experience and so will the people around you as well. You can also pull a Rocketman Jacket or a Top Gun Jacket with any of the lenses of your choice as they will also complete your look and will give it a fine finish.