March 1, 2024


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Using a Cracked Device? Think of These Risks before Overlooking the Replacement


In the days of the Nokia 3310, dropping your phone wasn’t a big deal. But gone are the days when you did easily pick up the phone, and it runs smoothly without giving you any heartbreak.

These days, however,  since we began investing in costlier devices – if you drop your phone, you get a mini heart attack When it comes to iPhone or an iPad glass replacement, the process is costly  a Undoubtedly, Apple products are beautiful yet expensive and fragile. One of the major concerns that f iPad and iPhone owners feel is a cracked screen. Apart from the obvious aesthetic reasons that turn off people, productivity and health-related issues can drive people crazy when you use a cracked screen.

If you are wondering, a cracked screen is not a big deal, read out loud these top reasons for using a phone with a cracked screen.

Touch Screen Malfunction

Phones or iPad with a broken screen will not get any better with time. If you think it is just a matter of a few days then you are wrong my friend. A small crack ignored can create a big hole in your pocket in later times. In fact, the first thing that will be compromised due to crack screens is the touch screen capacity of your phone.

If you are using a crack screen, it may take longer for the screen to respond to finger commands, or in the worst case, it may stop responding completely.

The damaged screen is also susceptible to debris and dust, and are also susceptible to finger oils, which can further damage your device.

Loss of Protection

The screen protects the entire internal parts of your iPhone and iPad from all the risky outer elements that are water, dust, or any other potential thing that can be harmful elements that could potentially damage the phone entirely.

If the screen is damaged, the chances of internal damage increase significantly. You usually clean your phone with a damp cloth and phone cleaning liquid, but when the screen is broken, it is quite difficult, and also not advisable. This is because the liquid can seep through cracks and can damage the phone circuit. Hence, another big problem.

Splinters on your finger

If the crack on your screen is sharp or not small, you put your fingers on risk every time when you touch your phone screen to unlock or swipe. It is quite difficult to not touch your phone when you are holding it in your hand. You would probably click to watch time or just scroll or anything. With severe cracks, you could possibly hurt yourself with glass splinters.

Eye Strain

Smartphones boast of high-definition displays that gives a great viewing experience. When this HD screen breaks, you’ll be left with an eyesore. The crack gives strain to the eyes. It makes it difficult to look at the screen and view content.

If you use a crack screen phone, you’ll mostly observe yourself squinting your eyes to decipher the articles or videos or anything you are watching on social media.


Using a cracked phone is not only aesthetically a problem but also affects productivity and overall well-being. A cracked phone can also make navigation reading difficult. As while driving, you have a quick glance at GPS maps and with the crack screen, it will be difficult to read the directions clearly.

Make sure you do not ever overlook the cracked screen of your iPad or iPhone or any device. If you are looking for the best cell phone repair in San Francisco, get in touch with Iphone Repairing.