April 21, 2024


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How Safe Is Zero Trust?

zero trust

Operating your business safely is essential in the modern world. Part of this process means taking full advantage of all the resources at your disposal. Fortunately, zero trust can help.

What is Zero Trust?

As you operate your business today, you will need to ensure security. All of your data must be kept genuinely secure. This process starts from the premise that no one should be automatically allowed to view your data. At every turn, each person will need to verify that it is them and they have the right to access your business systems. Those at Zscaler are entirely on board with this vitally important process. They will help you implement it.


Many Layers

Ordinary security levels just won’t cut it today. The world is complicated and evolving. So you need to be able to evolve along with it. The zero trust process makes sure you can do precisely that. This fully established cybersecurity strategy proceeds from the understanding that least-privileged access must be maintained.

As a result, every user must be willing to take many steps to prove they have the right to work with your company. The goal is never to trust anyone. Instead, it’s about verifying that every person part of this process has the right to engage in it. This is a guiding principle that has been in place for a long time. Over time, it’s been repeatedly refined to ensure that user trust is kept in place and that your data and your trade secrets stay as safe as possible.


Freedom From Location

This process does not involve location. Instead, the goal is to have software-defined micro-segmentation. This means that every single time that someone logs in, no matter where they are, they must be able to prove they have the right to be there. This applies to your data center. The same is true of any travel you’re doing and the process of multi-cloud environments. Each one is protected as your company works. All traffic is considered to be hostile. No matter where your employees are or what they’re doing, they are surrounded by a security crowd.

Modern and Simple

Using this kind of security is a truly modern and secure option. Both granular context-based policies are in place for proper protection. The policies are based on the notion that they must be updated and adapted as you operate your company in the modern world. All users work directly with apps. They will only get access to the resources they need rather than the networks they don’t. That makes it a snap to connect with others and get things quickly no matter what happens.

In short, this process is a highly modern option that makes it easier to operate a secure business.