June 5, 2024


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7 Important Aspects to Remember About Architectural Drawings

architectural drawing

Architecture is nothing new. From the construction of the ancient Egyptian pyramids to the amazing leaning tower of Pisa, there are many amazing architectural landscapes at the face of the earth that says volumes about the architectural world.

Architecture is an important part of the existence of the human being. From the evolution of caves to the construction of the amazing falling water house, the industry has evolved to be extensively modern in the midst of it all, here are many different aspects of architecture that every designer and architect must remember when creating a design. In this article, we are going to discuss the seven aspects of architectural drawings in the architectural industry.

To define architectural drawing and designs, they are engineered sketches of a house that acts within the classification of architecture. Designers in the field use architectural drawings for four basic purposes.

  • To expand a devised scheme to a clean suggestion
  • To discuss the thoughts and concepts with the client
  • To build documentation of a building that exists by now.
  • To empowers the builders and suppliers with the material required for the construction
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With the growth of technology and computer software, it is easier for the architects to create Architectural designs house plans with the right dimensions and scales. Here are seven aspects of creating an amazing architectural drawing.

  • Scales and dimensions

In architectural drawings, scaling can help the designers and architects to represent the area of the land on the paper. The scales selected are both: to certify the entire building put on the paper and illustrate the details in the design. For example, at a scale of 1:96 or the metric equivalent 1 to 100, walls appear to as easy equivalents to the general width. Scaled drawings help the measurements to be understood and calculated openly by the respective team in the construction field.

  • Learn views in the architectural drawings

The floor plan is the most important part of the construction drawing. A sight from the top of the building presenting the arrangement of things in the building as a map, but viewing the plan at a specific stage of the building. The horizontal segment of the floor plan includes every door and window opening and walls beams and more featuring the level. The plan view, on the other hand, include anything that is visible under that level including the stairs, the ground, furnishing, and more. Speaking about the geometric view of the plan, it includes the upright orthographic position of the place with a horizontal plane cutting through the building.

  • The elevation of the building

An important aspect of the design, that gives a complete look to the drawing. An elevation is the sight of the building and is considered as the face of the building. It is the illustration of the front face of the building. Being a designer, you must understand the compass connection with the building to make sure you are facing the right side.

  • Cross section can cut the building

It is a section of the construction drawing hat represents the vertical plane of the building to be constructed. This section is used to explain the connection of the special levels of the building. It can be named as an observatory illustration showing the dome that is visible from the outside.

  • Detailed drawing is a necessity to explain different sections of the building

The detailed drawing is something that enables the respective people of the industry to understand the various aspects of the elements combined together to create a building. The drawing shows the small parts of the building on a bigger scale so people can have a better view of the things and components of the building. Typically, a construction drawing does not include the complex junctions of the building such as the decorative factors. This is where detailed drawing can help in illustrating the details in addition to the vertical section. In simple words, today buildings want to be fully special due to the proliferation of different merchandize and marketing strategies.

  • He unpopularity of the Abstract architecture drawings

Using abstract architectural drawings is perhaps one of the most unpopular ideas in the field of architecture. Where sketches are an important aspect of the abstract architectural drawings, as they hold the potential to explain the concept of a building that cannot be explained as s completed version of the drawing. However the completed work is highly-priced and time-consuming, yet it is essential for the designers to have a completed draft before the production begins. The abstract construction drawing is an important aspect of the architectural drawing as it can help in creative designs and problem-solving as well as communicating the layout disciplines.


There are many sections of the construction drawings that are important for the designers to understand to have a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing architectural drawing. Learn more about them to make sure to succeed in the industry.

Author Bio: Fernando Alston is a graduate from the University of California and holds a degree in architecture and building design. He is a tech-savvy and a writer by passion and made his way into designing. Currently, he is working at the KW Building Design as a senior designer and leading his team forward in the field. Besides his love for design, he also loves to travel the world and capture the moments.