March 1, 2024


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7 Important Facts That You Should Know About Prefabricated structure


Prefabricated structure is an advanced technology solution to the field of construction in this modern era where constructors and architects are struggling for space to work on multiple projects. These structures are pre-engineered at the manufacturing site and the assembled units are then shifted to the actual location. Various elements are fabricated and then transported to a far-off remote location which is the actual job site. The beauty of the prefabricated structure is that it is flexible enough to either build completely or sub-assembled and both can be taken as it is to the respective construction site for modular building erection.

It is thought of as a low-end and mass-production model in the construction world. But, in reality, it is just the opposite. The biggest advantage of prefabrication process is that the manufacturing tools like cranes and conveyers do not need to carry all the raw materials to the construction site every time a new building needs to be created. This results in lesser cost, time and labour required in the entire construction process.

The concept of the prefabricated structure has changed the way of modular construction in this millennial world with some fascinating share of facts. Below are seven such important facts that you should know about the prefabricated structure. i.e.,

1.     The prefabricated structure takes saves construction time and efforts to a great extent.


As compared to the traditional construction process, prefabrication mode takes much lesser time to be finished. It takes even less than half of the time that a traditional construction takes in some cases. This is thanks to the fact that it is not dependent on many external factors in general construction mode like weather condition and changes, workforce availability at the site area, extended space required to store and prepare the basic assemblies from raw materials, etc. Since it is planned properly beforehand to eliminate the risks and it is done within controlled environment and constraints applied, it gives scope for better efficiency in terms of time taken and also reduces the efforts that are otherwise spent in looking for resources, material storage, and transportation, and time management for every single step.

2.     Prefabrication is flexible in terms of modularity as per the budget available.

In the prefabrication process, the flexibility is there to easily dismantle and rearrange the structure as required at any time and any place. Some buildings can be entirely recycled in case of emergency. The recycling process reduces drastically the need for new and excess raw materials. It is beneficial when it comes to project timeline, construction budget and specification of structure and transportation are in the limit. The flexibility of the prefabricated structures makes it a great option for renting out or purchase for permanent usage as per the requirement. You get a vast range of designs and styles while still being in specifications and budget limits.


3.     The prefabrication process is budget-friendly without compromising on quality aspects.

It is a fact that prefabricated structures are well low in cost as compared to the regular construction process as it eliminates the costs required for transportation and storage of raw materials, site resources for construction and workforce available at the job site. Though it reduces the cost of the construction, it does not compromise in terms of matching the specific requirements and the quality of the construction. Rather, it is better at meeting efficiency and quality assurance as it is done with precision and controlled environment with proper planning and execution.

4.     Tax benefits can be availed with prefabricated structures.

Loans taken for prefabricated structures building and purchasing both are tax-deductible. And what makes it even more worth giving a shot is that it is tax-deductible even if no loans are taken for the same. Also, if you install solar panels, wind turbines, solar heater, etc., you are qualified to get tax benefits on each of them separately too.

5. Because prefabricated buildings may be recycled as a whole, they are environmentally friendly.

As the prefabrication structures are very efficient in terms of saving cost, time and raw materials with minimal or negligible wastage and that is a defining characteristic. Prefabrication as a process conserves energy to a large extent during the construction is happening which reduces the energy cost for the occupants as well. This is a great option being used in commercial spaces, schools, homes, hospitals being environment-friendly by giving an option to utilize energy-efficient solar panels, water heaters, geothermal systems, and window glasses, etc.

6.     Safety is no more concern in construction with the efficient prefabrication process.

The prefabrication process is carried out in factories in a controlled environment to prepare the sub-assembly utilizing dry materials. This reduces the risk of moisture, dirt and environmental hazards, unlike the site level constructions. As it is an indoor environment, there are fewer risks for accidents and other liabilities. Proper factory processes and rules make on-the-job injuries less and workers are less prone to weather conditions, environmental problems and other safety-related issues in the general construction process.

7.     Prefabrication structures eliminate the issues of site disruptions and maintain consistent quality.

As most of the assembly is done in a controlled manner in a factory, there is significantly lesser traffic of trucks, materials, and equipment in the final job site. This limits the disruptions of traditional construction sites like pollution, noise, waste and other irritants. It eliminates the unnecessary interference and distractions of typical construction places with productivity enhanced thanks to the streamlines process in prefabrication. Simultaneously, it addresses the inconsistency in terms of quality that is faced in site constructions. There is no discrepancy in expected consistent quality in prefabricated structures.

With developing popularity and availability of prefabricated structures, you get cost-effective, time-efficient, better quality and eco-friendly constructions. While the prefabrication process gives you better safety and modularization options within budget. Prefabricated structure is being proven a viable construction solution that is recyclable, environment-friendly, quality consistent and ensures minimal wastage while providing better safety for the workforce as well as the construction sites with the controlled process-oriented environment.

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