May 22, 2024


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Essential Things to Know about Jim Corbett for Safari

Jim Corbett

One of the largest national parks in India, Jim Corbett, is located in the state of Uttarakhand. Corbett park is home to many wild animals and species. Therefore, a jungle safari is a popular attraction in Jim Corbett. Here are things you should know before you arrive at Jim Corbett for Safari.

Types of Corbett Safari available

 In Jim Corbett national park, you can avail open-jeep safari and canter safari.

The jeep can accommodate six individuals at a time. And a 3-hour safari cost is Rs 4500 per jeep. Whereas, Canter is a bus-sized vehicle suitable for a large group of 18-20 people. The cost of 3-hour canter safari is around 1500 per person.

Best Time to Visit

If you hold a fantasy to watch wildlife of Corbett on your safari trip. Then, time play a crucial role. As weather allows animals to come out of their den. February to June is considered the best time for safari as the weather is calm and pleasant.

And Jim Corbett is closed from July to September due to monsoon.

Best Zone for Corbett Safari

The Jim Corbett national park has five zones. Each zone is famous for its sightings and wildlife. Some zones host more animals than others. The most popular is the Dhikala zone. It is a buffer zone of the national park. Therefore, tigers are often seen here. It is also the number one choice for safari among people. However, for Dhikala Jeep safari, a night stay is mandatory, or you have to choose the left out option of Canter. After Dhikala, people enjoy Jeep rides in Bijrani, Jhirna, Durga devi, and Dhela zones fall in order. But Canter Safari is not available in these four zones.

You can check more details at Jim Corbett national park official portal.

Don’t come with an expectation to see Wild tigers

Don’t come with a presumption of seeing tigers, as it will ruin your trip if you don’t witness one. As sometimes, it’s just sheer luck, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll see. You can expect to witness the jungle’s majestic flora and fauna and enjoy a ride through forest trails.


Book your Corbett safari early enough

Corbett jungle safari is a major attraction in India. Thousands of tourists every month pay a visit to Jim Corbett for jungle safari. So it is better to book Corbett safari atleast 30-45 days before your arrival date. And if you’re looking to stay inside the Corbett park, then book atleast 2.5 months before.

Always follow your guide and driver’s instructions

Jim Corbett zoo

You are advised to follow your guide and driver’s instructions. As animals are wild creatures, you’ll sometimes see them chasing your gypsy. So, it is not allowed to leave your gypsy in the jungle.

Accommodation at Jim Corbett

From luxury resorts to boutique stays, Jim corbett caters every travellers need. Jim Corbett stays are uniquely with blend of luxury and nature to provide you a comfortable surroundings. All the stays here are equipped with every modern amenities that you would ever require. In every hotels or resort, common amenities includes Swimming pool, Spa, conference halls, high speed internet, concierge services, in-house restaurant, bar, suites, zym & wellness centre, pick up & drop and many other facilities. So you’ll have worthy stay with lifetime experience.

River Rafting at Kosi river

If you love adventure, then you must also go rafting in Kosi river. The starting point is few kilometres away from Jim Corbett national park and easily accessible via local transport or private car. The cost of half an hour rafting ranges from Rs 1500-2000 per person.

Don’t Smoke and Litter

When you are inside the Corbett park, you’re not allowed to smoke and light a fire. The common reason behind is authorities don’t want you to disturb animals living in their natural habitat.

Playing music is not allowed

It is not allowed to play music inside corbett park as animals get scared off and may get mad, if that happens you’ll be in dangerous situation. So follow basic norms and don’t invite unneccesary problem. Also you may attracts a fine upto 80$ for playing music.

Basic Things to carry

There are mosquitoes and insects inside the jim corbett park. So you are required to carry mosquito repellents and basic first aid box. Other suitable things to carry are sunscreen, hats, sunglasses,  water bottle, travel towel and winter clothes, if coming in winters.

Nearby places to visit

The duration of the jungle safari is 3 hours, and you would be likely to be bored if you don’t know any nearby attraction. Don’t worry, you can visit the famous Corbett falls and the museum which is nearby. Apart from Corbett falls, another beautiful place to visit is “Garjiya Devi” temple. Listen to the soothing chants of priests as they perform aarti and don’t forget to take blessings of the Goddess.

As long as you’ll keep above points in mind, you’ll have a memorable vacation in Jim Corbett.