March 31, 2023


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5 Reasons You Should Visit Malta in 2023

visit malta 2023

Is Malta on your travel itinerary for next year? If not, it definitely should be!

While Malta may be the 10th smallest country in the world, the three islands that make up the European country are packed with history, activities, and great food to satisfy that travel bug craving. 

Due to the country’s small size, it’s easy to see multiple cities and towns in one day. To drive across the main island takes just 45 minutes without traffic and delays. Tiny but mighty, Malta has something for you to see and do every single day if you’re staying for a week or more. 

So many people have fallen in love with the country during their visit that they decide to move there temporarily and work remotely through Malta’s digital nomad visa program. 

This up-and-coming European destination will surely become more popular over the years. You’ll want to get in early on the adventure before it gets overly touristy!

Where is Malta?

If you’ve never heard of Malta or know where it is on a map, don’t fret; we’ve got you covered. 

Malta is made up of three islands, Malta, Gozo, and Comino. They are located in the Mediterranean sea between Italy and Tunisia.


It’s pretty simple to travel to Malta. It’s just an hour and a half flight from Milan, and you can also take ferries from Sicily. There is one international airport located in the center of the island with easy access to all major cities via taxi, bus, and car rental. 

Reasons to Visit Malta

Do you like swimming in crystal clear Mediterranean waters? Visit Malta. 

Do you like hiking and exploring nature with a sea view? Visit Malta. 

Do you love learning about thousands of years of history and seeing ruins and temples from the megalithic time period? Visit Malta! 

There is literally something for everyone on Malta. Whether you’re searching for a relaxing vacation, learning about a new country and its culture, or scouting out a new place to work remotely, Malta definitely needs to be on your list. 

Thousands of Years of History

Malta has the remains of ancient temples and places of worship over 5,600 years old. You can still see the ruins of these temples standing and admire the artifacts dug up from the site in museums around the country. The two main sites are Hagar Qim on Malta’s main island and Ggantija Temples on the sister island of Gozo. 


That’s just where the history begins, though! 

The country has a long and bloody history of invasions and conquerings between empires such as the Romans, Ottomans, Arabs, and British. Visitors can relive history while walking through the capital city of Valletta and visiting the War Museum and Maritime Museum. 

Around the islands, there are also imposing cathedrals and churches from the Middle Ages that are embellished with gold and baroque patterns.

English is an Offical Language

One of the most difficult things when traveling abroad is communicating with locals when you don’t speak the language. 

Fortunately, English is the official language in Malta. So, visitors will easily get around the islands, read signs, order at restaurants, and connect with residents to ask for directions. 

300 Days of Sun

There is no bad time of the year to visit Malta. With 300 days of sun every year, you can expect a sunny day for exploring historical sites and new cities during your stay. 

The temperature also doesn’t fall very low, even during the winter. However, the best months to visit Malta are between April and July. This shoulder season guarantees ideal weather and less crowds than if you were to visit in August. 

Indulge in Delicious Cuisine

Do you find yourself ordering seafood or pasta dishes often when you go out to eat? Then you’ll definitely enjoy the cuisine available in Malta. 

Dine on freshly caught fish and seafood prepared with other fresh Mediterranean ingredients while sipping on locally produced wine while in Malta. 

You must also indulge in desserts and sweets! 

Make sure to taste an imqaret, a pastry filled with a paste made from dried dates. 

A traditional Maltese breakfast typically includes pastizzi. These savory pastries are filled with either ricotta cheese or curried peas and are finger-licking good! 

Convenient Transportation to See Everything

When traveling in a new country, you may be wary about renting a car to drive. This is often the case for visitors of Malta as the country drives on the left side of the road. 

Luckily, the public transportation system is incredibly reliable and will take you everywhere you need to go! 

The bus system has routes going across the island and are extremely affordable. You can pay for your fare with your contactless payment method right on the bus too. 

There are also ferries connecting Sliema and Valletta and Valletta and the Three Cities for just a couple of euros for a roundtrip. Plus, the ferry to Gozo leaving from Cirkewwa is free going there and just around 4€ coming back. 

There really is no need for a car in Malta. Since an official language is English, it’s even easier to get around and figure out the public transportation than in other European countries. So, you can see everything on your bucket list with no problems at all!

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